Ken Semler More about Ken Semler Ken Semler is a licensed/registered home builder/general contractor across most of North America. His company, Express Modular, utilizes superior modular construction to deliver custom homes, doctors offices, educational facilities, and assisted living facilities nationwide. Also, the company provides modular additions and has a product line of cottages focused on senior and disability care at Ken launched to become the home building industry's first internet based nationwide custom builder. Through those efforts, Ken has developed a nationwide network of 30+ factories that permits Express Modular to reach each and every state along with an expert sales consulting team to support each territory. Ken operates to provide a forum for the public to understand that modular construction is actually a superior building technique that provides almost unlimited design capabilities. was created to specifically address our line of modular additions and cottages that focuses on supporting family caregivers and their loved ones needs. Specialties: Interactive presentations and workshops about using modular construction; Coaching and consulting with individual home buyers/project owners; Partner support and training.