Jim Rosewater More about Jim Rosewater Leadership. Management. Homebuilding. Sales and Marketing. Operational support. AR Homes is the premier franchisor of custom homebuilders in the country and operates via a network of talented builders. As CEO I am responsible for managing the business and reporting to the Board of Directors. I previously served as COO of the company responsible for internal operations and franchise recruiting (growth). Prior to that I served as Southern Group President where I initiated and managed the expansion of AR Homes into new markets outside of Florida from Charlotte, NC. AR Homes provides big company tools and resources for local builders. Our support services span all facets of the business from architectural services, interior design, training, estimating, management consulting, and more, all utilizing the finest software systems available in the industry. And, behind it all is an extraordinarily talented team of professionals. Prior to joining AR Homes I was a partner in Weitzer Communities in South Florida. While at Weitzer we developed property and built single family homes, townhomes, mid and high rise condominiums. My role spanned all aspects of the business. Before becoming a partner at Weitzer Communities I was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Weitzer Homebuilders, Inc., which was publicly traded on the NASDAQ. In a prior life, or so it seems, I was Director of Marketing for Johnson Cleaners, PLC, the largest drycleaning company in the world. Johnson Cleaners US holding company, based in Cincinnati, OH, acquired Miami based Dryclean USA, where I was also Director of Marketing for both company operated stores and their international franchise company. I spent nearly 7 exciting years with Johnson Cleaners/Dryclean USA.