Bryan Kaplan More about Bryan Kaplan An early childhood fascination for all things Lego was the first sign that Bryan Kaplan was born to build. His true passion for residential construction was realized when he and his wife bought their first house almost twenty years ago, one in dire need of repair. Bryan is a Red Seal Certified Carpenter, a former Home Inspector, a Certified Passive House Builder (PHIUS), and has worked on over 300 residential projects as a Carpenter, Site Supervisor, Project Manager, and General Manager in some of Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, and prominent residential renovations/new build firms. Bryan has always recognized the value in finding the most efficient and repeatable path to complete any task, and in his years in residential construction, he was always at the forefront of companies when it came to integrating technology to leverage everyone's time. Fast forward to today and Bryan works as a business consultant for residential renovation and new build companies helping them streamline their processes, integrate repeatable systems and technology to allow them to do more in less time. Building highly profitable and efficient businesses is the mission that Bryan is on with each and every client he works with. His vast experience has given Bryan the ability to always approach problems from a big-picture perspective and solve for the right problem. Favourite quote: "Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I'll spend the first 4 sharpening the axe" - Abe Lincoln -