Brek Goin More about Brek Goin Brek Goin is the Co-founder and CEO of Hammr. His mission is to empower the men and women who build our world. Over the last couple years, Brek has built the leading building-related community on Instagram called Builders.of.insta. Brek started the community as an initiative to change the perception of construction by showing recognition to professionals and their projects. Leveraging his journey from creating Builders of Insta, he has transitioned to build Hammr as a tool to bring the next generation of construction professionals into the industry and inspire others to drive innovation and talent into our sector. For the majority of his life, Brek grew up working in his father's construction business. After realizing a finance career wasn't in his best interest, he went back to construction with a vision to help build a better perception around where the industry is going, which lead to the founding of Hammr and Builders of Insta. He enjoys spending his time at the intersection of community building, construction technology and marketing.