Bobby Tsui More about Bobby Tsui Bobby Tsui is an author, coach, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA, who dedicates the majority of his time to helping his clients develop influential positioning in their markets so they can grow their firms profitably while staying in their genius zones. As the founder of The Same Circle Method, Bobby works with budding and established interior designers through an e-learning coaching platform providing proven social media and video marketing processes, mindset performance training, and a thriving community of interior designers. Bobby is also the owner of Inbound Mill where he manages a digital marketing agency that provides growing firms with an outsourced solution to develop their online presence. Since 2013, the team has sustained a client base in the design, architecture, and building industries while publishing numerous case studies on both sustainable and innovative marketing practices that push their clients forward. In 2016, Bobby published a book on marketing called Behind The Click, which educates on the changing expectations around the various uses of digital marketing strategies. Outside of his work in marketing, Bobby in highly interested in supporting efforts to discover solutions leading to high impact positive change in the world.