Barbara Wray More about Barbara Wray Barbara Wray has an innate drive to make meaningful connections between brands and their customers. That passion led her into the world of social media in 2008, when only a handful of builders were using social channels, and advertising on those platforms had not yet been developed. Since then, Barbara has refined the art and science of content and context, creating powerful stories that speak to selected audiences. During 2018, Wick helped define the online presence of a new 55+ lifestyle community in social and blog, where high-performance content and audience-targeting generated leads reinforced the brand lifestyle and drove traffic to a successful Grand Opening event. As Director of Social Media for a decade, Barbara has led the social and content teams at Wick to drive measurable results for its builder and master plan developer clients, strategically creating awareness and brand personality, while generating leads and nurturing buyers to sales team handoff throughout the lifecycle of the development. She now serves as Director of Growth & Innovation for Wick Marketing in Austin, Texas, a full-service agency celebrating 25 years of multi-state expertise in collaborating with homebuilders and developers to shape brand and drive business results.