Kelly Bosetti More about Kelly Bosetti Kelly Bosetti, founder and current CEO of CEA Bright Marketing, is a national public speaker, active board member, and sought-after trainer in marketing and business development. A focused, inspiring leader, Kelly has over 20 year’s experience in marketing and advertising, building brands for clients in industries such as real estate, B2B, sports promotions and more. Kelly’s introduction into the marketing industry was an ambitious one. After graduating from Ohio State University, Kelly earned a highly-coveted marketing positioning with the New York Rangers Hockey Team. Her experience with such a high-profile, global brand flamed her competitive spirit. In 1997, she founded CEA Marketing in St. Petersburg, Florida—a thriving full-service, creative marketing and media relationship agency. What started as a boutique shop with a few clients and even fewer employees, has grown to be one of the largest, most recognized and award-winning agencies in the Tampa Bay area. Known for her business acumen and visionary approach, Kelly embraces change and welcomes new challenges, which has kept her and CEA at the forefront of the industry, employing the latest technology, trends and innovation with traditional tried and true practices. A natural leader, mentor, and advocate, Kelly is driven to help her clients, employees and partners succeed. Kelly is a proud mother of three (plus dog, Lexi).