Jeff Meyers More about Jeff Meyers JEFF MEYERS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Hanley Wood, Incorporated and Meyers Research Mr. Meyers brings over 30 years’ experience in residential construction and homebuilding leading the nation’s most comprehensive information and advisory services platforms with the recent merger of Hanley Wood and Meyers Research. Jeff specializes in on-going advisory services and manages all consulting assignments for several top ten public home builders through his direct involvement with land acquisition strategies, product development, segmentation, and positioning. Highly regarded as an industry expert for real estate trends and issues, Mr. Meyers is quoted frequently in several national publications including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times. His recent speaking engagements include the National Association of Home Builders Council, the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, the Southern California Building Industry Association, and the Urban Land Institute. Mr. Meyers is highly accomplished and regarded as the leading expert on residential trends in the real estate market.