Carla Van Horn More about Carla Van Horn Carla VanHorn is a Digital Media Strategist at Immersion Active. She focuses on paid media advertising in the property development and healthcare vertical. Her unique background in photography and two-dimensional design coupled with a strong interest in graphic design and technology led to her career in digital marketing. Carla started her digital marketing career as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at WebMechanix where she learned the foundations and some tricks of the trade of the industry. Once she completed her apprenticeship, Carla was hired at Sabre Hospitality Solutions in Bethesda, MD where she moved up the chain from a Digital Media Production Coordinator to a Digital Media Planner. At Sabre, Carla developed strategic media plans based on client needs as well as implementing and managing various online media campaigns for over 20 clients. Carla thrives in an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration with colleagues. She is always looking for opportunities to work with diverse teams on various projects leveraging innovative methods and the latest technology. Carla’s strong interpersonal communication skills, analytical mind, attention to detail, and passion for creativity allows her to provide a wide range of marketing solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. During her career, Carla has developed a deep passion for digital marketing and continues to pursue innovative approaches and techniques to maximize value in today’s complex consumer market. Carla can be found on Linkedin