Why Join the NAHB Housing Credit Group?

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The Housing Credit Group is an organization of professionals who are engaged in the development of affordable rental housing using the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). Our membership comprises developers, owners, investors, syndicators and lenders involved in LIHTC deals. The Housing Credit Group analyzes national issues and leverages the political power of NAHB to support its members. Our continuous lobbying efforts have paved the way for program changes that benefit developers who use LIHTC as a financing resource for affordable rental housing.

Build Knowledge

Complimentary Multifamily Council Membership

Housing Credit Group members automatically receive a membership to the NAHB Multifamily Council. The Multifamily Council helps its members build expertise and connections, advocate for productive building policies and regulations, and prepare for new opportunities and unexpected problems.

LIHTC and General Multifamily Education

Housing Credit Group members receive complimentary access to quarterly LIHTC-focused webinars and the Multifamily Council quarterly webinars. Housing Credit Group members also receive discounted registration to other NAHB-sponsored educational content.

LIHTC Mapping Tool

The LIHTC Database Tool, exclusively available to HCG Associate and Steering Committee members, analyzes data extracted from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) LIHTC database and the American Community Survey to determine whether there is a correlation between LIHTC units and the income tract in which they are developed and/or a relationship between the concentration of LIHTC units and variables commonly associated with socioeconomic immobility.

Housing Credit Certified Professional Designation

The Housing Credit Certified Professional is a specialized designation for developers, property managers, asset managers and others working in the affordable housing industry through the LIHTC program.

Affordable Housing Monitor

A biweekly newsletter that keeps you informed about the latest legislative and regulatory developments affecting the multifamily industry.

Advocate for Change

Multifamily Advocacy

NAHB is the voice for LIHTC developers on the Hill. NAHB’s Government Affairs lobbyists and economists are well-versed in the LIHTC program and tax law, and are the voice for those involved with low-income deals on the Hill.

NAHB economists research and provide data to back up the needs of our members and use their political clout to push for legislation to help our members.

Make Connections

Multifamily Housing Events and Education

NAHB offers a wide range of events and educational programs, including web seminars, e-learning tools, replays of archived sessions, and presentations during the International Builders’ Show. During IBS the Multifamily Council hosts a three-day comprehensive education program, curates the show floor to identify multifamily-relevant products and offers multiple networking opportunities.

NAHB Leadership Meetings

Multifamily Council members also meet three times a year as a part of the NAHB Leadership meetings; during these meetings members come together to discuss current and strategize solutions to industry issues and changes. See the NAHB Leadership Meeting schedule.

NAHB Housing Credit Group Membership

You can join the Housing Credit Group at one of three different membership levels:

Builder member ($295 annually)

Joining the Housing Credit Group as a Builder member entitles you to an invitation to join all events, forums and meetings.

Builder members enjoy a complimentary subscription toAffordable Housing Monitor along with complimentary at-large membership in NAHB’s Multifamily Council (a $100 value).

Being a Builder member provides you with access to all special reports, webinars, primers and research results produced by NAHB and the Housing Credit Group and access to the members-only section of the website.

Associate member ($1,250 annually)

Joining the Housing Credit Group as an Associate member entitles you to all of the Builder member benefits and also allows you to both author articles for publication on the website and in member periodicals and present and distribute information at the Housing Credit Group meetings.

Associate members also have access to NAHB’s LIHTC Mapping Database Tool. This tool shows the concentration of LIHTC units by Census tract and breaks down each tract into various income levels: very low, low, moderate or high for 13 major MSAs. New cities are added each year.

Steering Committee member ($2,500 annually)

Joining the Housing Credit Group as a Steering Committee member provides you with all the benefits of Builder and Associate membership — and more.

Steering Committee members help guide the Housing Credit Group at the most senior level, setting the agenda for legislative and regulatory action. Quarterly calls with NAHB and other Steering Committee members keep you abreast of any breaking news or legislation in the multifamily and affordable housing space.

Steering Committee members may serve as speaker or advisor at steering committee events and other industry forums. They have opportunities to be featured in media events staged by NAHB Multifamily as well as in industry publications. Additionally, Steering Committee members can represent the Housing Credit Group at congressional hearings or testify at other public forums on behalf of its members.

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Get the latest updates on key developments in the housing industry.

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Select from online courses, webinars and in-person classes and seminars.

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