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2018 AEA Individual Winners
2018 AEA Winners with Board & Council Members (from left to right): EOC President Mike Means, EOC Vice President Bryce Johnson, NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde, Beth Johnson (New EO Award), Sarah Schultz (Small Office Honor), Renee Zentz (Career Achievement Award), Phil Crone, (EO of the Year Award and Dallas Builders Association 2018 Membership Cup Winner), NAHB First Vice Chairman Dean Mon and EOC Secretary Brian Miller.

The winners of the 2018 Association Excellence Awards were announced during the 2019 Association Management Conference at the annual awards luncheon on July 24 in Baltimore.

Sarah Schultz, Beth Johnson, Phil Crone and Renee Zentz were honored in four distinct award categories for their career achievements and dedication to the home building industry. 

Small Office Honor Award

In honor of the late executive officer of the Arrowhead Builders Association in Minnesota, this award represents the memory of a truly inspirational woman whose impact on NAHB and her profession was just as extraordinary as her personal contributions to society.

Rachel Manley touched the lives of many people and her vibrant personality lives within the hearts of those who knew her. This award is traditionally presented to an executive officer from a small association who is judged to have made exceptional accomplishments in spite of limited resources.

This year’s Small Office Honor Award honoree is Sarah Schultz of the HBA of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

New Executive Officer Award

This award, in honor of the late David Lloyd, executive officer of the Home Builders and Contractors Association of Palm Beach, is presented to an EO who has served no more than three years in an association management position, but who is judged to have made major contributions to the profession during that time.

This year’s New Executive Officer Award recognizes Beth Johnson of the HBA of Fort Wayne in Indiana.

Executive Officer of the Year Award

This award honors a dedicated EO whose actions, commitments and accomplishments in a single year have been truly exceptional. In addition, the EO promoted the goals of the EOC and assisted in the advancement of his or her peers. This award is in memory of Gary Komarow, former chief legal counsel of NAHB and a very dear friend of the EOC.

This year’s winner of the Executive Officer of the Year Award is Phil Crone of the Dallas Builders Association in Texas.

Career Achievement Award

The Career Achievement Award is in honor of Seldon Hale, a man truly dedicated to his family, friends, career and colleagues. Hale was a former executive officer who served as a field representative for NAHB, helping local associations better serve their diverse membership. The award pays tribute to EOs who exemplify the highest level of dedication, loyalty, and commitment and is the highest recognition that can be awarded in the EOC.

This year’s Career Achievement award honors Renee Zentz of the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs in Colorado.

Congratulations to this year’s special award recipients. Each of you are honored and admired by your members, your fellow EOs, NAHB and the entire industry.

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