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NAHB has many economic publications available for subscription to help keep you informed. Read more about the Home Builders Forecast, Housing Market Statistics, or Housing Economics to find the monthly periodical best suited to your needs.

Economic Publications
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Get an inside look at the building industry employee compensation trends across the country with the newly-released study               conducted by the NAHB Economics & Housing Policy Group,  the 2014
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2016 State & Top 100 Metro Forecasts: SAMPLE      
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The Remodelers’ Cost of Doing Business Study is conducted periodically to assess the growth, …
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What Home Buyers Want: Ethnic Preferences is a study based on a survey of recent and prospective home buyers that compares and contrasts how housing preferences are affected – or not – by the racial/ethnic background of the home buyer, after controlling for factors such as age and income.
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This Excel spreadsheet serves as a free sample of the housing statistics Print All PDF file. The sample consist of the first 28 of 36 tables included in the PDF document.
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The 2010 Single-Family Builder Compensation Study, conducted by the NAHB Economics & Housing Policy Group in June 2010, provides compensation and benefits data for 39 common positions at single-family home building companies. Builders can use results to benchmark what they pay their employees …
A sample of the report prepared by the NAHB Economics Group, the National Update tracks the health of the housing industry (new construction) with analyses of major legislative, regulatory, and executive actions as well as the impact of important technology.
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