Construction Liability, Risk Management, and Building Materials Committee

Hard Hat and GlovesThe Construction Liability, Risk Management and Building Materials Committee works to advance the industry’s interests relating to the risks associated with the construction of new homes and remodeling. The Committee helps members manage and minimize such risk by identifying, assessing and prioritizing potential, emerging and existing construction-related problems and then identifying research, education and information needs to address those problems, such as the construction liability resources, produced and maintained by NAHB attorneys. The Committee works cooperatively with manufacturers, insurers, product trade groups and other interested parties on these issues.

The committee includes the Building Materials Subcommittee, which is responsible for monitoring issues affecting or relating to the cost and supply of critical building materials used in residential construction. View the subcommittee member roster for more information.

The committee and subcommittee both meet three times a year in conjunction with the spring and fall NAHB Board of Directors meetings and the International Builders’ Show, and at such additional times as their chairs may designate. Committee membership is open to all NAHB members in good standing.

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