Builders' Forecast

Builders’ forecast offers unique forecast types of varied geographic/sector focus. Our forecasts include: State & Metro, Long-Term, Remodeling, Multifamily, and the Executive-Level forecast. Economic forecasts focused specifically on the housing industry, and they incorporate NAHB’s survey results as well as the feedback of over 800 local associations around the country.

Online Subscriptions

  • State & Metro Forecasts  (4 items)
    Access these vital forecasts, including in-depth analysis, and downloadable Excel tables of total, Single-Family, and Multifamily Housing Starts by Regions, States and Metro Areas (MSAs).
  • Executive-Level Forecast  (4 items)
    A monthly forecast of economic activity, inflation, interest rates, and housing activity; the Executive-level forecasts contain an executive summary, in-depth detail, and historical data with annual and quarterly forecasts for all indicators.
  • Multifamily Forecast  (4 items)
    Multifamily report includes history and forecasts for apartments and condominiums. This also includes multifamily housing starts by region, rental vacancy rates, and the value of multifamily construction put in place. The forecast period is the same as the Executive-Level forecast.
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  • Remodeling Forecast and Long-Term Forecast  (4 items)
    Remodeling Forecast provides history and a two-year forecast along with a downloadable Excel table. Long-Term Forecast provides a ten-year annual forecast of the variables forecasted by the Executive-Level forecast.