NAHB Committees give members with common interests the opportunity to exchange ideas, further their education, and develop policies that benefit their areas of interest. Take a moment to explore the different Committees available from NAHB. Browse, read, or download the information that interests you.


  • Associate Members Committee  (1 item)
    Learn more about the committee that represents two-thirds of NAHB's members. Find out about meetings, events, awards, leadership opportunities, programs and more.
  • Construction Liability, Risk Management, and Building Materials Committee  (1 item)
    Visit this section to learn more about the Construction Liability, Risk Management, and Building Materials Committee and to access pertinent committee resources.
  • Business Management & Information Technology Committee  (1 item)
    Learn more about the committee dedicated to improving builders' business performance. This committee sponsors business-related research, resources, and educational events.
  • Construction Safety & Health Committee  (1 item)
    This committee has jurisdiction over OSHA and occupational safety and health issues affecting the residential construction industry.
  • Construction, Codes and Standards Committee  (1 item)
    This committee guides NAHB's advocacy efforts addressing critical building codes and standards issues challenging the home building industry.
  • Convention & Meetings Committee  (3 items)
    Visit this section to learn more about the Convention & Meetings Committee.
  • Custom Home Builders Committee  (1 item)
    This is the committee for members who build one-of-a-kind homes for specific customers. Look here for information and resources on custom building trends and practices.
  • Design Committee  (1 item)
    Learn ways you can promote good, cost effective design within the building industry.
  • Education Committee  (1 item)
    The Education Committee has oversight and responsibility for development, management, promotion, delivery and evaluation of all member business education programs.
  • Environmental Issues Committee  (1 item)
    The Environment Issues Committee (EIC) has jurisdiction over environmental matters affecting the acquisition, sale, or development of residential and commercial real estate.
  • Federal Government Affairs Committee  (1 item)
    Curious about federal legislation affecting the housing industry? This committee monitors Congress and promotes grassroots participation.
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  • Housing Finance Committee  (5 items)
    Visit this section to find out more about the work of NAHB's Housing Finance Committee, committee members, activities, and useful resources.
  • Land Development Committee  (1 item)
    Visit this section to learn more about the Land Development Committee and access valuable committee resources.
  • Legal Action Committee  (2 items)
    Do you need legal support? The Legal Action Committee was created to build positive legal precedent for the housing industry nationwide and direct legal services for NAHB members.
  • Membership Committee  (1 item)
    Learn more about the committee that works to strengthen membership development at the local, state, and national level.
  • Public Affairs Committee  (8 items)
    Use the resources gathered here to help promote your members, programs, and the housing industry.
  • Resolutions Committee  (1 item)
    The Resolutions Committee is charged with reviewing proposed and current association policies. Review resolution proposals and summaries here. Please note that most content in this section is for members only and requires a login.
  • State & Local Government Affairs Committee  (1 item)
    Check out the programs the State & Local Government Affairs Committee oversees to benefit the home building industry.