Land Development

As our population increases and available land becomes more scarce, land development becomes increasingly challenging. There are more government regulations and impact fees today than ever before, plus a host of local restrictions that make development difficult. Use the resources in this section to explore land development topics like Smarter Growth, discover new techniques like FPSFs, or just browse related land development materials.

Land Development

  • Development Regulations & Approval Process  (11 items)
    As the land development industry faces more development regulations and unwieldy approval procedures, ways of removing barriers are more important than ever.
  • Climate Change and Resilience  (go to item)
    Communities across the country as well as the Federal government are considering legislation and regulations to address this issue. NAHB is staying on top of this issue through research and review of federal, state and local initiatives.
  • Housing Affordability  (go to item)
    The recent economic downturn has had a silver lining lower housing prices. However, many homeowners continue to struggle with the cost of housing and remain priced out of some markets. Learn the facts about housing affordability issues and solutions.
  • Green Development  (go to item)
    The growing trend towards green and sustainable development offers many opportunities for builders and land developers. On the one hand, general society and the market are now calling for a greater and greater number of green products, structures, and communities. On the other hand, many local jurisdictions still prohibit or limit the ability to do green and sustainable development with outdated zoning and subdivision codes.
  • Best In American Living Magazine  (go to item)
    Best in American Living–Redefining Home and Community, NAHB’s e-magazine that showcases the value of good design and the connection between home and community. It explores what’s inside and what’s outside the front door through trends, floor plans, historical precedent, sustainability, best practices and research.
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  • Infrastructure Finance and Development Fees  (21 items)
    A growing reliance on impact fees is pushing up the cost of housing in many communities. But innovative alternatives are available to forward-thinking jurisdictions. Learn more here.
  • Community Design  (13 items)
    With our population growing and land resources limited, planning for future growth is more important than ever. That’s why Smarter Growth is essential.