Financing, Affordability & Taxation

This section addresses incentives and challenges to home owners, home buyers, and builders in securing financing for housing and construction. Find the latest resources on ensuring affordable housing for all Americans, obtaining Acquisition, Development and Construction (AD&C) financing for builders, working productively with lenders, and analyzing the latest tax policy developments that affect these issues.

Financing, Affordability & Taxation

  • Acquisition, Development & Construction (AD&C) Financing  (go to item)
    Find resources on AD&C financing and other useful information to help address the credit crunch.
  • Financing Your Home  (go to item)
    Whether you’re trying to finance a new home, vacation property, or retirement villa, find out what the most current lending rates are, what you can afford, and what you need to know about settlement and closing costs. There may never be a better time to buy than now.
  • Housing Affordability  (6 items)
    Owning your own home has always been the American Dream. In this section, learn more about NAHB’s efforts to ensure that safe, decent, affordable housing is available to all Americans.
  • Housing Finance Exclusive NAHB Information (9 items)
    NAHB is on top of the legislative, regulatory, and policy issues that impact the availability of credit for home builders and home buyers alike.
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  • Taxation  (4 items)
    NAHB monitors legislative and regulatory tax policy issues as part of its advocacy efforts to protect and improve housing tax incentives. Learn more about the status of particular elements of federal tax policy and recently adopted tax legislation.