New home sales up .2% after large downward revision in Aug. Sept. reading is highest level since July 2008. More to come.
Appraisal Issues

Appraisals are a key factor in getting AD&C financing. Learn about the key appraisal issues affecting AD&C financing and NAHB’s actions to address these problems.

Appraisal Issues

  • Appraisals: The Basics Exclusive NAHB Information (go to item)
    Learn how to build productive relationships with appraisers and capture new homes sales information for use as appraisal comparables.
  • Appraisal Regulations Exclusive NAHB Information (go to item)
    View the latest updates on appraisal regulations and learn how NAHB is working with regulators to correct inappropriate appraisal practices.
  • NAHB Actions on Appraisals Exclusive NAHB Information (1 item)
    See what NAHB is doing to address flaws in the appraisal process.
The Secret is Out! Come Learn More about the 20 Clubs!

20 Club Video Screen Shot

Successful builders and remodelers talk about the many benefits of their 20 Club membership — and explain why you should join a 20 Club today.