Acquisition, Development & Construction Financing

Financing is the lifeblood of the construction industry. In this section we have compiled resources to help members find acquisition, development, and construction (AD&C) financing and ways to work out financing problems with their lender, along with other useful information to help address the credit crunch.

Acquisition, Development & Construction Financing

  • AD&C Financing: The Basics  (4 items)
    Learn how to work with financial institutions during challenging times to resolve AD&C credit problems.
  • NAHB AD&C Financing Survey Exclusive NAHB Information (go to item)
    Track trends in the availability and cost of AD&C financing through NAHB’s AD&C Quarterly Financing Survey posted here.
  • Regulatory Developments Exclusive NAHB Information (go to item)
    Review the key federal banking regulations that govern AD&C lending and keep track of regulatory developments.
  • Appraisal Issues  (4 items)
    Appraisals are a key factor in getting AD&C financing. Learn about the key appraisal issues affecting AD&C financing and NAHB’s actions to address these problems.
  • NAHB Actions on AD&C Financing Exclusive NAHB Information (go to item)
    See what NAHB has been doing to improve builder access to housing production credit.
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  • Real Life Problems and Solutions Exclusive NAHB Information (1 item)
    Read articles and view seminars from experts about how to restructure debt, plan for surviving financial adversity and respond to the challenges of the AD&C credit crisis.
  • Be an Advocate Exclusive NAHB Information (go to item)
    Spread the message to lawmakers, regulators, the media and the public that resolving the credit crunch is essential to get housing and the economy back on track.