Sun Tunnels Brighten Up Spaces Naturally

Tubular skylights can bring light to spaces where conventional skylights are impossible.

Nothing can match daylight when it comes to brightening up a home—it’s completely energy efficient, free of cost and feels brighter and better than even the most advanced artificial light. In green building there has been a growing movement to create homes that encourage daylighting, making spaces that reduce energy use by illuminating spaces by the sun rather than lamps or light fixtures. Yet in many spaces, large windows or open skylights are simply not an option structurally or financially.

Now, however, there are merged solutions to help these spaces get some sun and reduce energy use. Tubular Skylights by ODL work in places where traditional skylights could never go. Just one 14-inch light can equal up to five 100 watt light bulbs and light up to 300 square feet of space—using no energy at all.An angled tunnel can be easily installed between the roof rafters in many types of homes.

 Also known as a sun tunnel, the tubular system uses a solar-lens roof dome to gather sunlight even during low-light hours in the early morning, late afternoon or winter. The small bubble-like structure on the roof then passes the light down adjustable reflective tubing that magnifies and directs the sun’s light to the room.

 A lens in the ceiling in the interior diffuses the tube’s light to allow a soft natural beam to come in to the space. With an appearance that at first might seem like an artificial light apart from its natural brightness, these skylights can provide light to dark spaces during the day while also protecting rugs, furniture, and clothes from fading by absorbing 99% of UV rays.

 These lights can also help builders meet green certification standards by meeting requirements for daylighting in rooms without windows, making it one of the Home Innovation Research Labs' Certified Green Products. Each light is also easy to install between the roof rafters in many homes, requiring no framing, dry walling, painting or construction and is low-maintenance with leak-proof flashing and a dome that keeps out debris and grime.

In addition to the skylight itself, buyers can add the Solar Powered Dimmer  that allows for a remote controlled cover to help reduce light even during the daytime in rooms like bedrooms, nurseries or media rooms. An optional Electric Light Kit can also be installed so that when there is little to no natural light each skylight can convert into a conventional fixture for seamless illumination in each room.

Optional dimmer controls the amount of light let into rooms

An optional dimmer is also available to control the amount of light let into rooms like nurseries, media rooms and bedrooms.


 Tubular skylight can equal 5 100-watt light bulbs and can illuminate up to 300 square feet

Tubular skylight can equal 5 100-watt light bulbs and can illuminate up to 300 square feet.