Ploeser Net Zero Home
The 2012 National Green Building Awards presented by NAHBGreen

Category: Project of the Year: Single Family-Production

Builder: Meritage Homes

Ploser Net Zero Home Exterior Front

Meritage Homes has been focused on how people can truly live better through advancements in comprehensive energy efficiency. Meritage incorporates dozens of different components that are designed to work together to change the way a home functions, to consume up to 80% less energy and 50% less water. Every advancement utilized has demonstrated more direct benefit to the home buyer than cost, allowing them to provide cost competitive, extremely energy efficient homes.

Ploser Net Zero Home InteriorMeritage Homes has also created several elaborate de-constructed Green home learning centers throughout the U.S. They've “peeled” back the walls of model homes so that consumers, municipalities, students, trades, and vendors can look inside the inner workings of the home, experience hands-on interactive displays and view educational videos. These learning centers serve as a memorable way for home buyers, employees, trades and others to learn how our Green systems and components work together to reduce energy use by 50% potentially saving their home owners money, improving their quality of life, and helping them reduce their carbon footprint.

Ploser Net Zero Home Exterior Solar PanelsThe Ploeser Net Zero Home is Energy Star, WaterSense, Indoor AirPlus and Build America certified.  The home has R-25 Polyureathane spray foam in the walls and at the top cord of the roof as well as a conditioned attic and continuous foam board below one-kote stucco.  The home utilized passive solar design techniques utilizing high-performance window with a u-value of 0.35 and SHGC of 0.20 as well as louvered shutters on all southern windows and recessed glass doors on the southern facing porches.  The Ploeser Net Zero Home contains a 16 SEER, 9.2 HSPF heat pump with all ducts placed in the conditioned space.  Meritage installed a 5.6 kW Echo Solar System that not provides electricity for the home put also harnesses the heat generated from the sun to heat the water for the home as well help to heat and cool the home.

Ploser Net Zero Home Exterior Rear

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