About National Homeownership Month

family poses in front of their new homeHomeownership has long been the foundation of the American dream.
It provides more than shelter for your family and a home for your most valued treasures. For generations of Americans, owning your home means owning your future.
For more than a century, owning a home has meant you are able to provide for your children's education, for your own retirement and for a sense of stability and pride.
Each June during National Homeownership Month, Americans have the opportunity to reflect on how homeownership has enhanced our lives and contributed to the thriving communities we call home. Home builders continue to work with housing finance innovators, consumer education organizations and government officials to advance and protect affordable homeownership opportunities in our country and to help families achieve the American dream of homeownership.
Join NAHB and home builders nationwide in recognizing homeownership during June.
To learn more about government programs that help provide for homeownership, and how to support them, go to ProtectHomeownership.com.

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