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Modular homes are built in components called "modules" in a climate-controlled facility. Constructed on an assembly line by skilled and trained craftsmen ensures that modules are built square and precise -- sometimes in as little as a few hours. Modules are checked for quality at each stage in the construction process and evaluated for code-compliance before ever leaving the facility.
While each modular facility is unique - and most modular homes include custom elements - a general outline of the assembly process is below.
Floor System Assembly Factory Assembly Speeds Construction Modular Factory Wall Table
Floor systems are assembled on a jig Factory assembly aids quality control and hastens the construction process The home's walls are prepared simultaneously
Lifting Walls Floor and Wall Joining Modular Factory Roof Jig
The home's walls are lifted into place The floor and walls are assembled with precise corners and angles

Roof systems are also assembled on a jig

Hinged Roof Systems Completed Roof Foam
Hinged-roof systems allow for easier transportation of modules and more intricate roof designs  Completed roof systems are fastened to the module

Foam is used to seal around drywall

Electrical Work Drywall Cabinet Install
Electrical work, including interior wiring, is added in the factory Drywall is added to the interior walls

Most interior fixtures, including cabinets, are installed in the factory

Shingles Completed Module Shipping Home
Roof shingles are attached to the roof system Completed modules are sealed and wrapped

Once all home modules are complete, they are transported to the home site together to ensure a quick and on-time set.


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