Building Systems Week
Recognizing the Benefits of Modular, Panelized, Concrete and Log Homes

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Thanks for joining the Building Systems Councils as we celebrated the first annual Building Systems Week (Aug. 3-9, 2014). There are many benefits building with systems (modular, panel, concrete or log). These include:

    Quality Control: Building homes in a factory setting allows for more consistent quality due to uniform construction processes, training techniques and inspections.

    Energy Efficiency: System-built homes are often more tightly built and thus more energy efficient, which can result in lower heating and cooling costs for the home owner.

    Green Building: System-built homes are green by their very nature. Assembly in an enclosed indoor environment allows them to fulfill some key components of green building certifications, including the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.

    Still not 100% sure how the different homes are constructed from the facility to the onsite location? Read the BSC's Frequently Asked Questions and the Top 10 Things to Know about Prefab Housing and check out the videos and photos below that show the different building systems construction processes from some BSC members:







      Log Homes     Concrete      Modular   Panelized 

    If you would like even more information about log, concrete, modular or panelized homes, please click on the brochures above for access to download the brochures in PDF format. The BSC staff and our membership will send additional information to you in the future about the systems of interest to you.

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