National Home Remodeling Month Promotional Materials

Remodeling Month web bannerIn May, during National Home Remodeling Month, NAHB Remodelers launches an annual campaign focused on the benefits of hiring a professional remodeler.

Whether it’s tips for why, when and how to choose a professional remodeler or promoting your remodelers council’s directory of remodelers, May is the time to celebrate the remodeling industry.

The campaign includes sample social media posts, web banners, press releases, fact sheets and other consumer materials. Members and local remodelers councils can download government proclamations, articles and op-eds, fact sheets and a how-to kit for implementing the campaign. These materials are easily customizable and can be used however you wish. Or follow our simple step-by-step guide to lead you through the campaign.

Also, check out these Tips to Help Maximize Remodeling Month.

Want to add the National Home Remodeling Month Web banner (right) to your website? Right-click to download and save the banner to your computer.

Pro-tip: Link the Web banner to a list of professional remodelers in your association.


Questions or comments? Contact NAHB Remodelers communications manager, Nissa Hiatt 800-368-5242 x8451.

Use these bookmarks for quick access to the different sections in the Remodeling Month campaign kit:

Social Media and Videos:

Press Materials: (Customizable press releases, articles and blog content for website or media)

Remodeling Fact Sheets:

Marketing Tools:

Communication Campaign Tools:

Recommend This: Recommend This