The 2012 National Green Building Awards presented by NAHBGreen

Category: Project of the Year: Single Family-Custom

Builder: MGM Construction

Exterior View

MGM Construction of San Francisco builds new custom homes and remodels existing homes on a small scale, one at a time, for clients who truly want to "build green." This far-reaching concept balances efficiency, beauty, energy and water conservation, waste management, well-researched material selections, health considerations, and site restoration.

Master BathTah.Mah.Lah. was designed to be the greenest house in America, representing an exciting summary of what building green can amount to. Special care was taken across every dimension of green building: energy, materials and waste, water, habitat, and durability. Every aspect of the creation of this house is intended to have minimal environmental impact and maximum restorative effect, while providing an environment appropriate for the family and the broader community, organizations, and functions they support. These goals were achieved via a cohesive team of architect, builder, consultants, suppliers, contractors, and vendors, who worked together every step of the way -- from early during schematic design -- in an integrated process to create a seamless, regenerative, functional system.

The integrated delivery process included:

•     Energy modeling of schematic design prior to design development.

•     Multiple design charrettes involving the entire project team, multiple smaller group charrettes to address more specialized aspects of the design as it was being developed, and innumerable conference calls and onsite meetings involving subsets of the team to innovate and optimize solutions to specific design and construction challenges.

•     Full budgeting of sustainable design technologies and strategies.

•     Use of advanced tools such as daylighting simulation software and a heliodon for sun-angle and shading analyses. Indoor Outdoor Dining

•     Optimizing energy usage by engaging vendors during schematic and design development phases to leverage latest technologies and produce super-efficient, high-performance building elements.

•     Iterative review of materials sourcing, constructability, and performance specifications by team specialists and vendors.  

Tah.Mah.Lah. is a legacy project intended for 100+ year life span. The design of the home and its systems anticipate evolving needs over time, with built-in flexibility for the current growing, changing family and future occupants. Off-grid capabilities and above-code structural design enable home to serve as a community shelter after a major seismic event.

Great Room:

Great Room

 Pond and Reclaimed Deck:

Pond and Reclaimed Deck

Integrated Wastewater Rainwater Plan

Integrated Wastewater Rainwater Plan

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