Office of General Counsel Staff

James G. Rizzo
Senior Vice President & 
General Counsel
800-368-5242 x8345
Diane Djordjevic
Deputy General Counsel
800-368-5242 x8171

John Ritchie

Associate General Counsel

800-368-5242 x8571
Legal Services &
Thomas Ward
Vice President
800-368-5242 x8230
Construction Liability &
Legal Research
David Jaffe
Vice President
800-368-5242 x8317
Amy Chai
Senior Counsel
800-368-5242 x8232
David Crump, Jr.
Director of Legal Research
800-368-5242 x8491
Jeffrey Augello
Senior Counsel
800-368-5242 x8490
Felicia Watson
Senior Counsel
800-368-5242 x8229
Devala Janardan
Staff Counsel
800-368-5242 x8335
Tara Burnett
Program Assistant
800-368-5242 x8291
Lavon Roxbury
Legal Assistant
800-368-5242 x8359

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