Log Homes Council Member Testimonials

Not Just Anyone Can JoinThe Log Homes Council (LHC) is a national trade association formed by log home manufacturers to develop, adopt, and promote quality log building systems and ethical business practices.


Not just any company can join the Log Homes Council and enjoy the benefits that our industry members work so hard to provide. Certain standards and expectations are required from our members that set us apart. Joining LHC provides benefits that increase your business potential through industry marketing, advocacy, education, and networking opportunities.


Here's What Our Members Say About Membership...

“Membership in the LHC grants our ability to interact both with our competitors and NAHB on a regular basis in order to stay as informed as possible on the latest topics, industry trends, and networking opportunities so that we can stay on the leading edge.”
           Jeremy Bertrand, National Sales Manager
           Log Homes of America

"The Log Homes Council has been one of the best investments of time and money that I have made since beginning my career in the industry.  I have learned much from my peers at council events and our company is better for that education.  I have a greater understanding of the codes affecting our industry and what steps I can take to protect my market.  Our industry is changing and I am pleased to be part of the best and brightest companies in our industry as our company navigates this changing market."

Robert W. Cantrell, Jr., President

StoneMill Log Homes, Inc. 


"I would say that first and foremost it gives us credibility as a company that we are a part of the council, not some back yard sawmill. As members we have to adhere to standards that have been established over the years that have been proven. To me this gives the potential customer a feeling that they are dealing with a reputable company that is being monitored by a National organization."
             Rick Rhoades, Sales Manager
             Hiawatha Log Homes


"Our investment in time and dues to the Log Homes Council has been the best money we have spent in the past 31 years.  If it was not for the efforts of council members and staff, the current log home industry would not exist.  We recognize the challenges that face us in today's market but know that with the assistance from the LHC, we will emerge in a better position at the other end of this tunnel."

Lynn Gastineau, President

Gastineau Log Homes, Inc. 


“To us the Log Homes Council is a strategic alignment with the industry’s best companies. Our customers know that our participation in the Council helps us supply them a better product. The Council has been a leader in code development to make our homes more energy efficient and the LHC Grading program not only helps us meet the national building codes, it ensures our homes will stand the test of time. We’re proud to be a member of the Log Homes Council.”

Mark Elliott, Vice-President
Coventry Log Homes, Inc. 


"Membership gives us the opportunity to learn from and share ideas with others in both the log home, general building, and supplier industries. That experience is more than invaluable, we feel it is critical in managing a successful log home company."

Bob Marcom, Director of Sales and Marketing

Strongwood Log Home Company 


"Our LHC membership is a valuable tool for us. First, the log grading holds us to good standards. Next, it is a marketing advantage for us as we can show that all materials are grade stamped. It is beneficial for our Canadian market too, because it shows a level of quality control others may not have. LHC has been good to work with and we appreciate working with folks who believe in this industry."
             Elvie Miller, Owner
             Meadowlark Log Homes

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