Confident Homebuyers Seek Power, Luxury and Style

By Zach Elkin, Director of Brand Marketing, Thermador

Buyer confidence has grown throughout the year as consumers enjoy the benefits of a stronger economy. The home building industry in turn is experiencing a positive impact on business. Recent statistics released by the National Association of Home Builders show that builder confidence is at the highest it has been since November 2005. The Wells Fargo Housing Market Index jumped four points to a total of 59 in September – as you know, anything above 50 is considered to be a positive sign for the real estate and building industries. 

While the increased sales and interest in new homes is great news for the economy and home buyers in the United States, it has inspired the affluent home buyer to dream bigger and desire even more of the finest custom homes equipped with luxurious décor, top-notch design and the most innovative and powerful appliances they can get their hands on.

Modern Kitchen

The affluent home buyer is looking to build a home that goes above and beyond -- never compromising location, quality, design and luxury. Many of these home buyers are also culinary enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect home with the perfect kitchen where they can feel inspired, create incredible epicurean creations and host exciting events throughout the year to entertain friends and family. In order to accommodate the affluent home buyer, most custom builders and designers are incorporating top-of-the-line appliances and furnishings that not only fulfill the necessity for luxurious design, but also exceed the expectations of the real cooks looking for innovation, power and performance. 

The kitchen is the most utilized room in any home and the freedom to be creative with the installation of appliances offers a new level of personalization that is highly attractive to every person involved in the development of the perfect dream home. Thermador is committed to providing culinary enthusiasts with outstanding appliances for the kitchen, including the award-winning Freedom® Collection refrigeration line. This line of innovative and powerful cooling appliances includes fresh food, freezer and wine columns, which enable unique kitchen settings with very little limitation.

With transitional and contemporary kitchens being among the fastest growing design styles for today’s homes, pairing the Freedom® Collection cooling appliances with the Thermador Freedom® Induction Cooktop and Masterpiece® Series built-in ovens provides both style and power. The frameless Freedom® Induction Cooktop is a full gray/black surface that virtually disappears into the countertop, offering the cook full flexibility on the surface – in fact, the entire surface can be utilized for cooking. The natural-mapping user interface means that as the cook moves the pot or pan around the cooktop, it instantly recognizes the size, shape and location of the cookware. Meanwhile, the Masterpiece® Series line of appliances, including our built-in convection and steam ovens along with warming drawers, feature digital controls, dark glass doors and a sleek handle that will seamlessly blend into the room.

The kitchen represents the one room that affluent home owners invest in more than any other, because with its evolving use into an entertaining space, it is now the most utilized room in the home. When putting together the perfect kitchen a culinary enthusiast looks for appliance brands and products that go beyond conventional appliances and ranges – they want quality, style and ultimate performance.

Thermador is not only dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of every culinary enthusiast, but also to providing builders and designers with the tools they need to create stunning luxury homes equipped with powerful, innovative and attractive appliances that make a statement in the heart of the home.