Resources for Marketing Your Designation

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Congratulations on achieving your NAHB educational designation! It shows your commitment to improving your craft and the value you place on professionalism in the industry.

Now that you have your "letters," make the most of them to advance your career and business prospects. NAHB has resources to help not only promote yourself and your business locally, but to also educate consumers on the importance of using a professional who has taken the time and effort to get his or her professional designation.

There are resources from sample press releases to customizable marketing materials: Watch your recognition grow!

Marketing Resources

Demand Marketing

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Create customizable flyers, brochures, print ads and much more. Add images of your own projects along with customer testimonials and your contact information. This service, a $4,500 design value, is exclusively for active designation holders. Go to You must be logged in under your personal login username and password. If you have problems, please contact NAHB’s Professional Designation Help Line at 800-368-5242 x8154 to check on the status of your designation.

Add banner ads (Ask Me About) to your website, and/or include in your email signature line or other electronic communication. Download this banner ad zip file and either double click or choose extract. Select the appropriate JPEG image and place into your communications.

Ask Me Banner ad

Add these hyperlinks to the banner ad:


Designation logos are available at Add these logos to your website, business card, and other marketing materials as another way of indicating your achievement.

CAPS Consumer PowerPoint Presentation

Active CAPS designees can access the consumer presentation "Make Your House a Home for a Lifetime." This highly visual presentation includes an overview of the CAPS designation and explains the concepts of aging-in-place and universal design. After agreeing to the usage guidelines, CAPS designees can download the presentation and customize it to include their company information, images of projects they have completed and customer testimonials.

CGB/GMB Consumer PowerPoint Presentation

NAHB has created a customizable tool for current CGB/GMB designees, the consumer PowerPoint presentation "Hire a Certified Graduate Builder or Graduate Master Builder."

CGR/GMR Consumer PowerPoint Presentation

NAHB has created a customizable tool for current CGR/GMR designees, the consumer PowerPoint presentation "Hire a Certified Graduate Remodeler or Graduate Master Remodeler."

Designee of the Year Awards

Awards are given each year during the Designation Achievement Reception at the NAHB International Builders' Show to honor those who have used their designation to make significant contributions to the building industry and their community. Learn more about the 2016 Designee of the Year award winners and check out the list of past winners.

Continuing Education

Let current and prospective clients know that you value additional education in order to stay on top of new trends and technologies. Continuing education can be earned in multiple ways. Simply visit NAHB’s calendar for education, events and awards programs to find national, regional and local courses; participate in selected webinars and online courses and find approved classes and events in the Continuing Education Provider Directory. For questions, contact the NAHB Professional Designation Help Line at 800-368-5242 x8154.

Public Relations Resources

Column Service Articles

Customize these articles for use in your local newspapers, magazines, newsletters and website to promote your designation and the professionalism that you bring to the community.

Designee Press Releases

Promote your NAHB educational designation in the media by sending a press release to your local newspapers on your accomplishment. Use the sample press release that pertains to your designation provided, and if you have additional information to add or change, feel free to do so.

'How to Promote Yourself in the Media' Tip Sheet

NAHB has developed a tip sheet on how to promote your designation and what it means in the media. Tips include everything from identifying what is news to developing media contacts and conducting the perfect interview. The tip sheet also contains links to additional helpful information.

Local Media Requests

If you need a local media list, it is best to contact your HBA: They know the reporters who cover the industry in your community. However, if your local HBA does not have this information, members can contact NAHB’s Communications department to create a media list for you.

Staff contact: Stephanie Pagan, industry media relations manager, 800-368-5242 x8254.

Case Studies/Featured Designees

As a designation holder you are committed to exemplifying excellence and professionalism in your craft. So are your fellow designee holders! Check out some of the ways they are using their designations to promote themselves in the industry and to the public.

Do you have a success story you can share? We'd love to hear about it! Send your story or information to Calli Schmidt with NAHB Communications at 800-368-5242 x8132.