Resolutions in the Pipeline for 2017 Midyear Meeting

As of May 18, four resolutions and two recommendations have been submitted for consideration by the NAHB Board of Directors:

  1. Electric Utility Generation
  2. Energy Efficiency as a Component of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
  3. Intellectual Property
  4. Forest Management Practices and Sustainable Lumber Supplies
  5. NAHB Sunset Review
  6. Reinstituting a third NAHB Board of Directors meeting

Resolutions 1 through 4 will update and replace existing policies.

View and print all Resolutions and Recommendations and the Sunset Review Handbook.

Recommendations and resolutions may still be submitted for consideration at the board meeting, but will require a two-thirds majority vote (rather than a simple majority) for passage by the Board of Directors. To submit a resolution, please contact NAHB staff member Jessica Lynch.


Jessica Lynch