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The Road to New Opportunities Starts in Wisconsin!

Whether as a solution for emergency housing in disaster areas, meeting the needs of the energy boom in the Midwest or simply meeting the demand for high-performing homes, the consumer demand for systems-built homes is poised to grow significantly over the next five years, according to the recent Prefabricated Housing: A US Market Report published by Global Industry Analysts Inc.

That's why this is the perfect time to join NAHB for the 2015 Building Systems Mega-Tour! Over the course of two days, Mega-Tour attendees will travel aboard a charter bus to different building systems facilities throughout Wisconsin and attend a variety of catered networking events.

The Mega-Tour is a unique opportunity to learn how to implement new technologies, network and create business deals with manufacturers, builders and suppliers in the systems-built industry.

Don't wait for opportunity to knock on the door. Get out on the road and pursue it!

Who Should Attend

Building Systems Professionals

Driving Building Systems Forward

Mega-Tour is a must-attend for manufacturers, builders suppliers and media professionals of log, modular, panelized and concrete homes and products. It's an opportunity to get together with your peers in the industry and trade ideas and discuss new business opportunities!

Mega-Tour is also the Building Systems Councils' continued effort to transform systems-built processes from niche to normal. By inviting builders and architects, it's your opportunity to network with them and further educate them on how building systems can benefit them.

Builders and Architects

Building Systems: The Road Less Traveled, The Results Most Desired

Not familiar with systems-built processes? After attending Mega-Tour, you'll not only have an understanding of it, you'll want to include it as part of your design/building process!

With the precision bestowed by recent technologies such as Building Information Management (BIM) and the quality provided by modern materials and manufacturing facilities, the systems-built process offers builders the opportunity to obtain significant gains on their projects!

For architects, attending Mega-Tour allows them to get an up-close, hands-on look at the key benefits that systems-built processes offer, such as improved project productivity, producing more sustainable buildings and increasing ROI for their client/company.

Connect with us before the Tour!

Join the LinkedIn NAHB Building Systems Councils community and start the Mega-Tour discussion early. Connect with fellow attendees and presenters on topics of mutual interest. It's also a great way to create your own communities with Mega-Tour attendees that have similar interests. This networking opportunity alone is worth the price of registration!

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